Illuminated LED Profiles

These innovative lighting effects for edges, surfaces, and areas include:

  • Illuminated edges, connections, and transitions
  • Illuminated skirting profiles for tiles and natural stone surfaces
  • Recessed luminaire profiles for sockets and paneling

Create impressive lighting effects for surfaces, areas, and edges with LED lights of your choosing. Our LED Profiles accept any standard LED strips from your local electrical supplier. This way you have unlimited options for your lighting effects and you can create your individualized design experience.

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Item Code
CAE LED 60-C/250
CAE LED 60-T/250
CAE LED 60/250
DLAC LED 2330-90
DLAC LED 2330-125
DLAE 2300 LED 90-C
DLAE LED 2300-90-SW
DLAE LED 2300-90-T
DLAE LED 2300-90/250
DLAE LED 2300-125-C/250
DLAE LED 2300-125-SW/250
DLAE LED 2300-125-T/250
DLAE LED 2300-125/250
FSTAC LED 930/250
FSTAE LED 90-C/250
FSTAE LED 90-T/250
FSTAE LED 90/250
FSTAE LED 110-C/250
FSTAE LED 110-T/250
FSTAE LED 110/250
GKGW 190/66-EM/220
SQSAE LED 110-C/150
SQSAE LED 110-C/250
SQSAE LED 110-SW/150
SQSAE LED 110-SW/250
SQSAE LED 110-T/150
SQSAE LED 110-T/250
SQSAE LED 110/150
SQSAE LED 110/250
Item category code
LED Profile
Stainless steel
Finish / Color
brushed stainless steel
brushed stainless steel
high-gloss brushed champagne
high-gloss polished white
matte black
powder coated white
powder coated white
satin silver
Length cm
150cm (5')
250cm (8' 2-1/2")
2202cm (7' 1/5")
Width mm
13mm (1/2")
18mm (11/16")
20mm (3/4")
23mm (29/32")
Height mm
9mm (11/32")
11mm (7/16")
12.5mm (1/2")
12mm (15/32")
19mm (3/4")
60mm (2-3/8")

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