Product Selection

Tile Accessories & Profiles for Every Need

DURAL is a leading provider of tile accessories, tile profiles, and systems. From products for natural stone to tile to laminate floors, DURAL has a wide variety of installation and design components that will suit any home or commercial space. Thanks to our delivery program, which offers over five thousand individual products and more than a hundred product ranges – DURAL can fulfill every design wish.


Explore our solutions for optimal tile protection, seamless transitions and enhanced design.

Tile protection and design features drive us in developing our tile trims. From our classic DURAPLUS design to our unique DIAMOND line, DURAL has tile profiles for any residential or commercial project.

Due to their practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, stone and ceramic tiles are ideal floor coverings. We offer a complete line of tile edge-protecting, finishing, and transition- and expansion tile profiles in a variety of colors, shapes, finishes, and sizes that open the door to endless design possibilities and provide captivating alternatives to trim pieces. DURAL tile profiles eliminate the need for caulking while protecting tile edges from chipping and cracking. The tile profiles provide seamless transitions between adjacent floor and wall coverings that are aesthetically pleasing. For any application, Dural can add bold or subtle elements of design, while ensuring the integrity of your tile installation.



Shower Systems and Shelves

The wide selection of DURAL shower drains offers a variety of choices for any residential or commercial project. From single point or linear drains to our patented wall to wall linear drains, we will make your project a success.

Drain covers can be color matched to our tile profiles and TI shelves that not only offer additional storage space, but also add to the design features of your bathroom.

Our prefabricated substrates not only increase the installers productivity, but also provide a high-quality selection for your shower niches and seats.

We offer everything you need to ensure a reliable waterproof installation. From shower niches to waterproofing seam tape or Backerboards, we have you covered.




DURAL offers effective solutions to common tile installation challenges, including waterproofing— and uncoupling membranes. There is no question that natural stone or ceramic tile are aesthetically pleasing. These tiles are durable and practical, however, alone they are not resistant to cracking or breaking nor are they entirely waterproof.

Our Backer-Lite decoupling mat and our Backerboard offer a contemporary uncoupling technology that prevents the cracking of tile and grout joints and provide a waterproof seal.

DURAL has a selection of waterproofing membranes that can be installed underneath tiles in showers, tub surrounds, and other wet areas to prevent the growth of mildew and water damage.

In short, DURAL membranes aid in maintaining the integrity of the tile while protecting the investment in the installation of tile.