DUROSOL 5mm Tile Edging Profiles

Extended top L-shaped tile edging profiles for walls and floors are:

  • Appealing for design purposes and high quality
  • Protecting tile edges from damage such as chipping
  • Equipped with a visible edge of 5 mm
  • Also available in a flexible Z-Flex version

DUROSOL 5mm profiles are L-shaped edging profiles designed for use in many different applications and have a 5 mm wide visible edge. They are ideal for producing secure edge trims, clean separation of different surfaces, and visual demarcation of different areas. DUROSOL 5mm profiles are available in a wide range of finishes in aluminum, brass, or chrome-plated brass, and some profiles are also available in the flexible “Z-Flex.”

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Product Type
Tile Edging Profile
chrome silver
high-gloss gold
high-gloss silver
natural brass
natural brass
powder coated Sixties cafe
powder coated Sixties cafe
powder coated Sixties candy
powder coated Sixties candy
powder coated Sixties silver
powder coated Sixties silver
satin silver
tactile coated Leather black
tactile coated Leather grey
tactile coated Leather wool
250cm (8' 2-1/2")
7mm (9/32")
9mm (11/32")
11mm (7/16")
12.5 mm (1/2")

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