Single Point and Linear Shower Drains

Form should always follow function. That’s why we offer a variety of drain styles to suit any project, including point, Wall to Wall, tileable, and linear shower drains. The single point and linear drains come in several colors so you can color coordinate with the rest of your shower. Each product is designed to function effectively and perfectly match your design needs. So whether you’re looking for a traditional round drain or something more unique, we have the right products for your project.

We hold several patents on our products that make it easy for installers to get the work done. Our single point drain is designed with a compression fitting, which increases the installation speed by more than 30%.

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Single Point and Linear Shower Drains

Single Point Drain

We offer drain adapters, sealing modules and drain covers in a large variety of trendy colors as well as Single Point Drain Kits with all necessary components in one package – easy to assemble and perfect to elevate your shower design. Our Single Point Drain components work on mud pans, offering the installer the highest level of productivity while giving the designer and homeowner the perfect choice to integrate and color coordinate with the rest of the fixtures.

Patented compression fitting technology allows the installer to cut the drain pipe flush on the surface and the rest is “plug and play”.


Linear Drains — myVARIO-LINE

The “base set” contains all the well-proven components for permanently sealed installation of a flush-to-floor shower channel. After selecting the myVARIO-LINE “base set”, it can be freely combined and customized with any of the visible components.
The visible myVARIO-LINE design grates are available in 3 designs (solid, line, penta), 4 colors (sand, concrete grey, matte black, stainless steel) and 2 different patterns – a wide variety that will certainly help you find the perfect linear drain design for your shower!

Substructure basic parts
(without drain channel and design grate)

Base set (without drainage channel/design grate), (1)1 Drain adaptor, (2) EPS mounting block, (3) DURABASE sealing flange ETA-20/0838, (4) spacer parts for height adjustment to tile thicknesses of 1/4ʺ-13/16ʺ · 6-21 mm, (5) closure/connection thread for connecting the drain channel to the substructure. Please order drainage channel incl. design grating separately, 60 designs are available. Installation height (top edge of screed) only 2-43/64ʺ · 68 mm



Adjustable wall to wall linear shower drain for use with mud bed and foam shower pans!

  • Patented technology for seamless W2W drain
  • Adjustable to fit any shower
  • Integrity of tile, stone, marble structure will stay intact (only ONE slab needed)
  • Easy installation & cutting of the W2W system to the desired final length.
  • The W2W trough can also be adapted individually to the given drain location.
  • Completely free choice of covering type and covering height.

Drain System Vertical downtube outlet 2″
Installation height 1″ • 25.4 mm
Visible size 30″ to 84″ (762 mm to 2.133 mm)
Grate material Stainless steel (304)
Tileable grate Tileable version – stainless steel (304) with PE
Drainage capacity Flow rate 7.0 gpm


Check out the Watertight Shower System from Surface Art Inc. — an installation system using our patented drain technologies and sealing products to elevate your showers.

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Product Type
Linear Drain
Point Drain
Wall to Wall (Linear) Drain
Stainless Steel
Base Set
brushed bronze
brushed bronze
brushed nickel
brushed nickel
brushed stainless steel
brushed stainless steel
concrete gray fine structure (RAL 6500)
concrete gray fine structure (RAL 6500)
high-gloss gold
high-gloss gold
matte black
matte black
matte black fine structure (RAL 9011)
matte black fine structure (RAL 9011)
polished stainless steel
polished stainless steel
sand fine structure (RAL 0808005)
sand fine structure (RAL 0808005)
Adapter 2'
Adapter Standard 3 point
Base Set
Circle Punch
Solid Panel/Tileable
Square Punch
Size mm
100mm (4")
150mm (6")
600mm (23"")
600mm (23")
700mm (28")
800mm (31")
900mm (35")
1000mm (3' 3")
1219mm (48")
1829mm (72")
2133mm (84")
Standard 3 point

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