Peal and Stick Waterproofing Membrane


The new DURABASE WarpSeal WS peal and stick waterproofing membrane for tile is a self-adhesive sealing system that is 40% faster to install than traditional methods because no time is needed to mix and apply the adhesive. Additionally, you save one day worth of cure time that will free up time for more jobs and increase productivity. This product is all about speed to help you save on total installation cost. In addition to the self-adhesive sealing membrane, this system offers all the elements you need for corners, tubs, and shower edges. You can trust our DURABASE WARPSEAL to cause no additional moisture, no waiting and drying times, and no time-consuming equipment cleaning.

  • Can be used for walls & floors
  • Self-adhesive
  • No downtime for curing— fast install
  • Clean workspace (no dust and no silica!)
  • Total installation savings


DURABASE WarpSeal “WS” Peal and Stick Waterproofing Membrane

Self-adhesive sealing membrane for secure sealing of indoor walls and floors (Substrates)

Material Polyethylene
Color Yellow
Width 100cm (39”)
Roll 5, 10, 30 sqm (54, 108, 323 sqft)

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WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Corner Tape
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick External Corner
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Fleece Tape
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Internal Corner
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Left
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Membrane
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Pipe Collar
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Right
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Shower Kit
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Skirting Tape
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Tube Joint Corner
WARPSEAL Peel and Stick Tube Joint Tape
5m (54 sqft)
10m (108 sqft)
12.5mm (1/2")
20mm (25/32")
28mm (1-1/8")
30m (323 sqft)
50mm (2")
60mm (2-3/8") x 10m (33')
80mm (3-1/8") x 30m (98')
120mm (4.7")
120mm (4.7") x 10m (33')
120mm (4.7") x 50m (164')
150mm (5.9")
200mm (7.8")
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