Tile Waterproofing Membrane


DURABASE WP Tile Waterproofing Membrane can be used on both the interior and exterior of buildings. Internally, it is used to protect corners, pipes, and valves from moisture. Externally, it helps to prevent water from seeping through cracks and causing mold or mildew to grow. Seam tape is used to seal joints and seams in order to further prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.

  • Can be used for walls & floors
  • Traditional installation method (thinset, membrane)
  • Low material cost
  • Chemical-resistant flooring approved
Color Yellow
Width 100cm (39”)
Roll 5, 10, 30 sqm (54, 108, 323 sqft)

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DURABASE WATERPROOF “WP” Tile Waterproofing Membrane


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External Corner
Internal Corner
Peel and Stick Tape
Pipe Collar
Sealing Kit
Sealing Tape
Sealing Tape Flexible
Valve Collar
5m (54 sqft)
10m (108 sqft)
30m (323 sqft)
110mm (4.3") x 110mm (4.3")
115mm (4.5") x 115mm (4.5")
120mm (4.7") x 5m (16')
120mm (4.7") x 10m (33')
120mm (4.7") x 30m (98')
120mm (4.7") x 50m (164')
150mm (5.9") x 3m (9.8')
150mm (5.9") x 5m (16')
150mm (5.9") x 10m (33')
150mm (5.9") x 30m (98')
200mm (7.8") x 200mm (7.8")
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