Elegant Tile Trim


Diamond shaped elegant tile trim edging profiles for walls and floors are:

  • Unique to the industry, a true one-of-a-kind design solution
  • Protecting tile edges from damage such as chipping
  • Available in a variety of colors and perfectly color coordinate with our TI Shelves
  • Able to be matched to internal and external corners

Our precise edging gives these profiles a multifaceted play of light, mimicking the cut of a diamond. The DURAPLUS DIAMOND bevelling, perfectly symmetrical at exactly 45°, also offers edge protection of the highest quality. If a diamond is graded by its cut, with DURAPLUS DIAMOND it is the surface refinement of the aluminum profiles.

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DURAPLUS Elegant Tile Diamond Edging Profiles

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Item Code
DPDAC 905/300
DPDAC 965/300
DPDAC 1005/300
DPDAC 1065/300
DPDAC 1105/300
DPDAC 1165/300
DPDAE 90-SW/300
DPDAE 90/300
DPDAE 100-SW/300
DPDAE 100/300
DPDAE 110-SW/300
DPDAE 110/300
Product Type
Tile Edging Profile
matte black
matte black
RAL 0006500 concrete gray
RAL 0006500 concrete gray
RAL 0808005 sand
RAL 0808005 sand
satin silver
satin silver
250cm (8' 2-1/2")
300cm (10')
9mm (11/32")
10mm (3/8")
11mm (7/16")

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